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COVID19 support -Bihari's Migrant Food

Bihari Connect, in association with Balaji group, has been serving food to migrant workers at Gorakhpur highway for last 53 days.

We are 

- cooking, 

- packing and 

- distributing 500 packets of puri and subji everyday, which is costing us around Rs 7000 per day. 

Out of 53 days of food distribution, Bihari Connect has sponsored for 13 days, where few of members have used fund (gupt daan from true warriors) from personal friends and families. 

There are few volunteers in our group who keep open hand by helping community with something without telling anyone that you are giving. You don’t want your name to be put on the name plate which says that so and so donated this. 

It is often said, “When the right hand gives, the left hand should also not know.” This should be the intention behind donation. People used to take pride in this. You should also take pride in the same thing. At least some time or another, do some service for which you are not expecting any return or recognition. This act brings you so much joy. 

Once you get the taste of such purely service, you will find it so blissful, so interesting that you will want to go for it again and again. So, every now and then, do some service without wanting any recognition for it.

We wish to continue food distribution as long as we could as such, however our executive members suggested to spread that we request you to please support us by giving your donations to Bihari Connect account. Our account details are as follows: 

Bihari Connect UK Ltd

Metro Bank

Sort Code: 23-05-80

Account No: 33041799

Reference: Donation-Food



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